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Matrimonial & Litigation Support

By its very nature, matrimonial & litigation support tends to be adversarial.  While we recognize that emotions run high, and our client's needs are paramount, our experience has shown that a collaborative approach tends to suit both parties the best.  While others endorse a slash and burn or zero-sum approach to the process, very often a collaborative effort is the best solution and can typically benefit both sides. Frequently, our services will encompass valuation, financial forensics and tax services within a single engagement.

We can use forensic accounting techniques to uncover concealed assets, identify overstated expenses, value marital assets (including closely held shares of businesses and stock options), and to help minimize the tax consequences of divorce and the distribution of assets.

These services generally include:

  • Business Valuation
    • Operating businesses
    • Professional practices and goodwill including medical and dental offices, law firms accounting practice, etc.
  • Divorce Accounting and Planning
    • Equitable Dsitribution Plans
    • Alimony and Child Support
    • Tax Analysis and Planning
    • Assistance in the preparation of the Statement of Net Worth
  • Forensic Services
    • Cash-flow and Life-style analyses to determine true economic income.
    • Asset Tracing

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