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Economic Damages

We have over 40-years in valuation and senior management experience.  Because of this broad background, we have particular expertise in analyzing and determining value in complex litigation and financial situations, in which the best results are achieved by strong analysis, practical experience, and convincing written and verbal presentation

Business Interruption

These types of claims usually have two components: lost revenue and avoided costs.  Because of our education, experience, and skill sets we can approach these issues from both a forensic accounting perspective and a business modeling standpoint.

Lost Profits

For a breach of contract issue, we evaluate the plaintiff company to determine what would have happened.  Analyses may cover the company's business model, market, industry, operations, management, and financials.

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice

For the plaintiff, we estimate lost earning capacity, mitigating earning capacity, value of personal service, cost of living, cost of raising a child, and the present value of life care.  We also assist in designing structured settlements. 

For insurers, the defense, and their counsel, we evaluate claims for lost earnings capacity, and other economic damage clams, we perform forensic investigations, and analysis, which help counsel prepare for trial, including depositions, and, if requested, testify when necessary.

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